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Aerosol means of volume fire extinguishing, class A2, B, C and explosion prevention. Application: transport, buildings, storehouses, electric equipment to 35000 V. Volume to be protected is 0.1...110 mЗ. Ozone friendly. Fire extinguishing aerosol generators are designed for efficient fire extinguishing and preventing in closed and partly opened areas and for explosive medium neutralization in the area to be protected.

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Systems of liquid fire extinguishing, class A and B. Application: industry and domestic objects, wood fires. Volume of fire extinguishing liquid is 60 - 7500 l. Capacity is 20-250 l/sec. Time before coming into action is 0.5-3.5 sec.

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Synthetic diamonds

Detonation diamonds. Particle size is to 2 m. Specific surface is from 1-2 to 100 m2/g and more. Content of source material is no less than 99.3%. Abrasive and diamond polymer-based polishing wheels.

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Fireworks of park, middle and high level. Variety of color and sound effects.

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Line-throwing appliance

Line-throwing appliance is lifesaving appliance intended for use in all situations where a line is required to be passed accurately and quickly. The item complies the technical requirements. Approved by Russian maritime register of shipping.

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Equipment and materials for high-temperature ceramic welding

Units for high-temperature ceramic welding, output is up to 120 kg/hour. Ceramic powders for repair of dinas, chamotte, chromomagnesite and other linings of coking, glass-boiling, metallurgical and other furnaces. The repair is made without stopping and cooling furnaces.

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Polymer magnetic materials

Magnetic materials with a wide range of magnetic and physical-mechanical properties (any forms and dimensions without additional mechanical treatment) for application in electrical engineering, household equipment and medicine.

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Road marking equipment

The markers by thermoplastic and paint coating for road marking, boilers for heating thermoplastic coating, trailers for carriage of road machines. Power of drives is from 4 up to 150 kW, a transmission is automatic, there are ball-glasses, the on-board computer, and heat is made with gas and solar oil.

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Road marking. Thermoplastic coating for road marking

Thermoplastic coating for road marking "Technoplast" of white and yellow colors. Flow rate with the 100 mm width and with the 3-4 mm thickness per 1 km is 600 kg. Adhesion to asphalt-concrete at shear is not more than 1 MPa.

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Polymer phosphate paint for corrosion protection of metal, concrete, bricks, wood et al. Adhesion consists of 1-2 numbers. Service life is 5-7 years.

Varnish materials

One-component nitrocellulose, furniture and flooring varnishes. Film hardness is not more than 0.5 conditional units. Drying time: furniture varnish - 1 hour, flooring varnish - 12 hours.


Thermo stable inorganic pigments for building ceramics, ceramics of china and faience articles. High chemical and light stability. Thermo stability to 1300 degrees C.

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Nitro preparations

Micro granules of nitroglycerine with glucose, nitroglycerine of prolonged action "NITRO-NIK", 0.1% isotonic nitroglycerine solution for the "artificial kidney" apparatus.

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Tanks and containers from any steel marks with diameter to 4000 mm, capacity to 50 m3. Vessels and equipment from carbon and no rusting steels, operating under pressure to 16 MPa. Metal constructions.


Glass fiber containers for storage and transport of aggressive liquids from -40 up to +50 degree Centigrade. Volume - 0.8; 2; 8 m3. Overpressure is to 0.07 MPa. Equipment, parts of composite materials.

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Cleaning equipment

Columns for gas cleaning from HCl, collectors CV-11 for alkali solutions, ion-exchange columns, aeration tanks, separators, cyclones, oil collectors.

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